GRAVITOMAGNETISM, LLC was granted Patent No. US 9,318,031 B2 from the United States Patent Office on April 19, 2016 that will enable the startup to secure its proprietary technology applications for disk calibration, energy generation, propulsion, and teleportation.

The company was founded in 2014 by Michael E. Boyd.  Gravitomagnetism, LLC has been working discretely with several major organizations in the high-tech industry to conduct feasibility studies and bring proof of concept devices to commercialization in their respective applications.

The science and capabilities that gravitomagnetism and gravitoelectromagnetism purport have been of interest to many from NASA to Stanford researchers (PDF). 

"The patent was written as simply as possibly, so once we get these continuation patent applications in place, we'll have a much meatier version and things can really take off for us," said Michael E. Boyd, Member of Gravitomagnetism, LLC.  He further discussed the possibilities of this patent: "Imagine one day having a wind-up watch-sized device that could power your entire house, your boat, your car and your airplane."

The company's technologies will help make disk calibration systems more accurate, bring sustainable and energy efficient systems globally, and provide the ability to create future propulsion and teleportation systems.

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