A very interesting press release appeared yesterday morning that was brought to our attention. A startup company, Gravitomagnetism, LLC, was granted a patent that enables it a multitude of applications ranging from energy generation to teleportation.

"Imagine one day having a wind-up watch-sized device that could power your entire house, your boat, your car and your airplane."Michael Boyd, Gravitomagnetism, LLC

The patent in question, "Device and Method to Produce Gravitomagnetic Induction, Mass Spin-Valve or Gravitational Rectifier | (PDF), has the following items as major applications that could be utilized from this technology:

  • Disk calibration (Approved in practice by USPTO)
  • Energy generation (Approved in practice by USPTO) - One square meter would produce near 20 Megawatts/meter¬≤ (Concept only) 
  • Propulsion (Concept only) 
  • Teleportation of matter and/or energy (Concept only) 

After reading through the entire patent, I needed a beer to recover from the copious bureaucratic sections of necessary fluff and vast complicated material.

We did some digging to further understand what exactly this was and found a post that appeared on Reddit's /r/Futorolgy and LinkedIn from a mysterious physicist claiming it could eventually usher in a Star Trek future.

As one Redditor put it:

So, in other words, this patent describes a device that can be built to produce energy from gravity, propulsion without propellant (using gravity, or antigravity), a means to convert matter into energy and back again without changing the original configuration of matter, or the ability to convert energy into another form and beam it to another location where it can be converted back into the original form.
So, in essence, yes. Star Trek.

The main application the patent seems to purport is for calibrating manufacturing equipment for disc drives, DVDs, tape drives, etc. This would help increase manufacturers throughput, yields, and effectively profits. Nonetheless, it is the other potential applications mentioned that are the most interesting.